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At EMEX, we are committed to driving innovation and business growth. We enthusiastically present our crowdfunding program, a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs within our vibrant ecosystem. This dossier will guide you through the details of how EMEX is transforming dreams into business realities through crowdfunding.

Why Crowdfunding in EMEX?

Passionate Business Community  

EMEX is not just a space; is a passionate community of entrepreneurs, investors and experts. Crowdfunding at EMEX connects you directly with this community, providing you with solid support from the beginning.

Access to Financial Resources

We understand that financing is crucial in the initial stages of any project. With our crowdfunding program, we offer entrepreneurs direct access to a diverse source of financing, allowing you to achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.

Visibility and Recognition

At EMEX, you don't just get financing; You also gain visibility within our ecosystem. Your project will be presented to investors, entrepreneurs and industry professionals, providing you with opportunities for collaboration and additional growth.

Access to Strategic Resources

We facilitate access to essential resources, such as shared workspaces, legal and accounting services, to strengthen the operational structure of startups.

Financing Categories

Seed For startups in the initial stages.


Expansion For projects with a model

tested ready to grow.

Innovation  For revolutionary projects that seek to change the game.

Evaluation ProcessProjects are evaluated by an internal committee of EMEX experts. The viability, innovation and growth potential of each project is assessed.


Benefits for Investors  Exclusive access to selected investment opportunities. Participation in the success of innovative projects. Recognition as drivers of business growth in EMEX.


Featured projects In each crowdfunding round, we highlight projects with exceptional potential. Projects are presented at EMEX events and on associated crowdfunding platforms.

Emex, centro para el desarrollo de empresas, startups, inversores, inversiones, crowdfunding y crecimiento motivacional
Emex, centro para el desarrollo de empresas, startups, inversores, inversiones, crowdfunding y crecimiento motivacional

How to Participate in the Crowdfunding Program

Present your Project Complete the online application with details about your startup and your goals. Attach materials that highlight the vision, feasibility and impact of your project.

Evaluation and Selection Our internal committee will review all applications. Selected projects will be notified to advance to the crowdfunding process.


Crowdfunding campaign Work with our team to create an effective campaign. The campaign will be promoted through EMEX channels and crowdfunding platforms.


Investment and Growth Once funded, take advantage of EMEX's resources and network to drive the growth of your project.

Our Crowdfunding

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